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Automatic writing is just one of the ways to communicate with the Spirit World.

Automatic writing can be performed with the usual method: Pen and Paper.
Or by typing on the Computer.
This can be a very enjoyable method of communicating with Spirit Guides and although you may or may not get results first time around...with practice and persistence you will start to differentiate between your own writing and the spirit writing. You may also find that your back starts to hurt. If this is something that is common, or if you get other types of pain, you may need a back brace. The best back braces for pain are those that can support and alleviate whatever symptoms you might be having.

You may find that some words don't make sense or that there is a lack of comma's and punctuation or that there is a lack of space between not concern yourself, but allow the words to flow, and as time goes on you will find that the writing will get quicker and flow easier.  If some words don't make sense just continue on writing keeping your work in a safe place, so as you can look back on it at a later time........ Normally what is not understood at the time may be very clear later on.

    Some things to consider: 
~  Sometimes the messages may come through in another         
~  Usually you may not recognise your hand writing.
~  If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, put it aside for the 
         moment,  let your intuition be your guide.
~  Get to know your guide and your guides name.
~  Make sure you are not distracted finding a quite time and place.
~  Allow all thoughts to be clear and allow yourself to relax.
~  You may need to apply yourself to focus on something other   
          hat the keyboard  which will allow your left brain occupied, 
          thus your right brain free to flow.        


      ~   Try to ask simple Yes/No Questions to begin with.
          Then progress to questions which give more detailed answers 
          when you begin to feel comfortable and get to know your

                                     Typing on the Computer

            1.     Ensure your fingers are placed on the keyboard.

            2.    Type in the Date.

            3.    Type: Hello, and ask: what is your name?

            4.    Begin by asking a question (only ask the same 
                   question once only!)

 1st DAY:   Keep your questions simple get to know your guide. 
 2nd DAY: Get your Spirit Guide to explain about         
Spiritual question you have or need to be aware of or know.

 3rd DAY:  Delve into to Universal & Earthly matters.

















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