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Here is a technique to program goals, manifest material things and achieve more positive thinking:

A good time to practice this technique is at night when you are in bed and ready for sleep. Why? Because you are usually in a more relaxed state, and should easily be able to slip into an alpha brainwave pattern.

Just before going to sleep, take a few moments and "picture" something you want - be it a goal (weightless?) material item (a new home?) or something else (better health?) It doesn't matter if you are able to visualize clearly, just picture it as best you can. View your goal AS THOUGH IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. Do not picture HOW you did it (that limits the ways in which it could happen). Put feeling, colour (if you can), sound, humour, and activity into it as you can as though it were a movie.

Have people in your "movie" complimenting you for reaching your goal, or admiring your new "thing", being happy for you, etc. Spend a few minutes immersing yourself into this movie with as many of your senses as you are able to include. Then place a "frame" (white or white light works well) the movie - to contain it. This indicates to your brain that this "movie image" is what you want to achieve.
Now, move the picture to the left or right - depending on "where" your brain considers the "past" to be. To find out what direction this is for you - think of something that happened yesterday. Notice which direction your eyes move, even if it's only slightly. If it is to the right - YOUR past is the right, and vice versa. Move your "movie" towards this direction and you are done for now.

Practice this technique each night before you go to sleep. You can pick up where you left off the previous night, or repeat it. During the day, when you daydream, you can also "run" your movie in your mind for a few moments.
You should start to notice changes shortly if you practice this technique every day. There may even be a tendency to make a few changes to the "script". Another by-product of this technique is to help you figure out and understand what you really want, not just what you assume you want.
The question most people ask me is `how many "movies" can I work on at once?' It's best to start with just one at first. I've been working with this technique for years, and I rarely have more than three projects going at one time. Do what you feel you can comfortably work with.

The next most asked question is `can I control someone else, make them love/want/like me?' I don't happen to think so. What might occur is that YOU become more self-confident, or witty, or humorous--developing qualities that person might find attractive. You haven't controlled that person - only made changes within yourself. You might have been attracted to that person because you needed to bring out those qualities in yourself. At that point you may find you don't want or need that person any longer!


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