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The Ability to Hear 'Spirit' as if they were standing next to you whispering in your ear. You will hear it as an audible voice different from your own voice.

The ability to see 'Spirit' as if they were present in the room in the physical. Or a quick glimpse from your minds eye.

The ability to sense the presence of 'Spirit' You may experience a tingling feeling....A feeling of Warmth or A feeling of emotions. The 'I feel'.



Spirit Contact and communication with Spirit
& your Spirit Guides can be done in various
ways....which I will later explain.

Always ensure that when contacting Spirit that you have the highest of good intentions and perform 'Spirit Protection' before you begin... Remember: :"Like attracts Like!".
Do not consume alcohol or drugs when contacting spirit as this opens to the lower realms of spirit and thus inviting mischievous and negative entities, also keep in mind your intentions and purpose for contacting spirit.

Spirit Guidance and Communication is an enlightened and magical gift, that can enhance your knowledge of the Spirit World and awaken hidden talents and give answer where needed.

The depth and clarity of our communication is a
different matter. You require the intentions of
doing whatever it takes to develop your abilities
to communicate with Spirit. Each and every person will experience different methods of communication... It is advisable to experiment on the different methods rather than stick solely to just the one method.



















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