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The Auric energy field consist of 7 Layers.
Each layer of the Auric energy field relate to a different aspects
of our being.


1st Layer - Ehteric: Represent our Physical Body
2nd Layer- Emotional: Represents our Personal Emotional body
3rd Layer - Mental: Mental Body
4th Layer - Astral: Loving Relationships
5th Layer - Etheric Template: Devine with the Truth
6th Layer - Celestial body: Devine Love
7th Layer - Ketheric Body: Devine Spiritual & Universal

The Aura is a life force ~Reflecting all aspects of your; mind, body & spirit. What you think, feel & experience in your life will reflect within your Aura.
The Aura changes colour depending on your moods, health, feelings and sense of self.

Every living thing posses's an Auric field. The Sun, Moon & Planets all have an Aura. Plant Life, Rocks, Animals etc..


The Aura can radiate as far as 1-2 metres while others only a few centimetres.


By becoming aware of your own Aura, can be a positive source of Self-Healing, in the ability to make changes and alter your own energy for vitality, love, compassion & awareness.





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