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Tarot is an ancient method of Divination, one of the most 
popular and widely used.
There are many varieties of Tarot available today.
The Rider Waite being the most popular and possibly the
easiest of the Tarot to interpret and read. So if you
are just starting out, this is a good Deck to begin with.

There are a few variations of the Rider Waite, and they
basically all have very similar illistrations, my favorite being the 
Universal Rider Waite which is far more colourful and bright
in appearance to the traditional deck.

A fantastic Deck, which is designed and created for the 21st Century
is the 'Voyager Tarot'.
The Voyager is a very easy deck to interpret, which
is read quite intuitively, showing amazing
occurances and insight into the spiritual and emotional
positions of the quarrent.

The Tarot is a great tool for gaining insight and direction.

















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