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Meditation is an exceptional tool to
connect with you centre (your soul).
The beauty & enlightment which comes
from this simple act of Mediation is
wonderous and amazing.
There are various techniques of Meditation:
Breath Work
Guided Meditation
etc.. I will be displaying
Meditation techniques, which you can use
or there are many Mediation Centres (some free of charge)
which I am
sure you will find in your area or close by.








Living Spiritual is the truest and 
highly enlighten way to live, 
a fulfilling and most rewarding journey on our path 
for peace, love, growth and happiness.

Living Spiritual takes commitment and desire, 
consistency and of course integrity.

As you continue along your Spiritual Journey you 
will find amazing occurrences and things opening up 
within your life and around you. 
View all obstacles and setbacks as a gift and a stepping 
stone to further growth and you will find that through 
the darkness there is an abundance 
of love & light ever so brightly radiating through!

And Remember: Guidance is all around you
All you have to do is ask!

Evolving on a spiritual pathway and journey takes amazing courage 
as we clear out the past, confront it and evolve from it while learning
and advancing towards enlightment and harmony.

The Ultimate Spiritual Connection is when we finally 
align and have a oneness with our Soul


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I have listed some excellent reading on 
Spiritual Awareness and Development:

Conversations with God 1,2 & 3 
The Road Less Travelled Scott Peck
You can Heal your Life! Louise Hayes
Emotional Alchemy
Timeless Mind Ageless Body Deepak Chopra
Real Magic Wayne Dwyer
Celestine Prophecy
A Souls Journey
Radical Forgiveness