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There are many different methods of healing the past and furthering 
our growth, which I have listed some of them, some may really intrigue, 
while other methods are not for you.... It is more importantly to discover 
the methods that feel right and interest you rather
than opt for methods
 just for the sake of healing and advancing.
Spiritual Healing enables the person to get back to Truth and to re-connect 
with their Soul.










These are only a few of the methods, there are extensive methods, 
which I am sure you will find not only fascinating but 
also enlightening and uplifting.
Ajna Healing:    

Interpretation :          

Crystal Healing:                  








Reiki & Seichim:

Spiritual Healing
& Development:  


Energy Healing, clearing energy blocks caused
through emotions and life experiences.

Interpreting and assessing emotions, physical
conditions and patterns in the Aura

Energy Healing with Crystals

Tapping into the subconscious and re-programming,
also past life regressions.

A deep level of counselling based more on spiritual
principles, deeper than general counselling.

Muscle testing, determining & healing areas of
blockages caused from past hurts traumas etc..

One of the most important methods of getting in touch
with you, allowing to  create change and Spiritual Growth.

Predictive and informative of alignments and disorder
within the client

A  quick method which enables the person to let go of resentments 
and blames by seeing the real meanings behind the problem.

Breath work, journey back to as far as the womb,
childhood, releasing.

Most popular form of energy healing, healing past,
emotional blockages, bringing peace and enlightment.

Enhancement of the spirit within, focusing on now by
freeing the past for an enlighten future..

Spiritual Guidance and insight to our pathways of
past, present and future & guidance on our pathway.











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